Some Excellent Genealogy Links

Genealogical Society Webpages

Branch County Genealogical Society.
Berrien County Genealogical Society.
Marquette County Genealogical Society.
Marquette Historical Society - The John M. Longyear Research Library
Michigan Genealogical Council -- lists all member societies.

Genealogy Sites

GENDIS--NEW: Death files *on line* from the state of Michigan from 1867.
VITAL STATS for ALL States & Counties - and Other Useful Links.
1895 Atlas of city information as of that date - find "lost" cities.
Diseases - Old Terminology and Description.
Occupations - Old Terminology
"Genealogy" is the name of this site, and it is **excellent**.
Lori Hoffman's page---A *VERY* complete site--for the serious genealogist.

Irish Emmigration Lists (Irish Ship Lists)--almost 6000 names.
HUGE page listing *many* ships and Passengers
Genealogy Resources on the Internet by Chris Gaunt & John Fuller--excellent site.
World Family Tree Submitters*****Registration, Numbers & Information.
Janyce's Genealogy Page-Root Diggin' Dept.
ROOTS-L Resources Page.
ROOTS-L Surname List Name Finder --- surname searchable.

Genealogy Help--volunteers who will do research for you-no fee
Genealogy Journeys In Time--Lots of info and 27,000 links
Cyndi's BIG list of various genealogy resource sites on the Internet
" Genealogy's Most Wanted"--a listing of names being researched

by others -and you can leave your "brick wall" names, too.
Surnames, Surnames, Surnames - Lacy's great Springboard pages.
RootsWeb Genealogy Homepages--sign up for the free newsletter, too.

Computerized Online Database -- searchable.
New ---> Internet Archival of Family Bible Records. Anyone can join and search.
NEW page by Pam Rietsch--Old Railroad Maps -- showing their routes in the US.
Need to find a Cemetery anywhere in the US??? Just click here.
LDS in Salt Lake now ONLINE!!!

1820 Michigan Territory census now ONLINE - thanks Dee!!!

Personal Genealogy Websites

Vance Family Association Homepage.
The Terpening Family Home Page.
The Dunton Family Homepage.
Fletcher Blanchard's "Mostly Genealogy Home Page".
Norman M. Vance's GENEALOGY Homepages with Family Trees.

Corporate & Commercial Genealogy Websites

Treasure Maps.....Excellent "How To" Genealogy Site--don't miss this one.
GenForum....another excellent site to do surname searches, and more.
Broderbund's homepage---WFT submitters names available - Broderbund now has
an excellent genealogy site with homepages, articles, and much more.

See this page for a 10 generation Wall Chart - looks good.

Genealogy Researchers for Hire

"So Many Branches"--Genealogy Researcher, very reasonable rates.

Historically Related Websites of Interest

Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Descendant Project

Everything Michigan - Travel, genealogy, recreation, government, politics, communities, shopping on a statewide basis.

Sort of connected to genealogy....ADOPTION!!!

A GREAT Page by someone who has been through it, successfully . Thanks Dee!!!

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