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Military Veterans from Glennie

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This cemetery is located on highway M-65 about 1-mile south
of the village of Glennie, Michigan.


William Blake, 1845-1913, Grand Army of the Republic, Co. M., 1st Mich. LA, Lot 18


Thomas A. Ablett, M.D., 1868-1977, Army-Navy


Elmer W. Bissonette, 1891-1952, Pfc, 39th Infantry, 4th Div., Lot 58
Charley E. Blake, 1893-1947, Lot 18
Paul Constintin, Pvt., Army, Lot 36
Dan E. Demott, 1893-1960, S2, USNRF, Lot 34
William A. Dreasky, 1895-1973, Pvt, Army, Lot 51
Harold Hazen, 1895-1970, Pfc, Army, Lot 48
Arvel A. Hoskins, 1915-1972, Cpl, Army, Lot 89
Ira James Inman, 1893-1954, Cpl., Co D, 78th Infantry, Lot 88
Ronald H. Lombard, 1894-1964, Sgt, Co. C. 136th Infantry, Lot 70
Harold H. Neuman, 1900-1918, Pvt. 12th Field Artillary, 2nd Division, Lot 100
John Papp, 1901-1971, Pvt., Army, Lot 78
Allen N. Paul, -1921, Pvt, 132nd Aero Squadron, Lot 43
Arley F. Robinson, 1896-1963, Pvt., Com. 9 BN. Repl. Tng. Cen., Lot 73
Charles C. Smith, 1897-1981, Pvt., Army, Lot 104
William H. Tarr, 1899-1949, Pfc. Army, Lot 35
Levi G. Wallace, 1896-1977, Army, Lot 63
Marion Winn, 1895-1973, Army, Lot 84


Leonard L. Bernhard, 1918-1979, Navy, Lot 31
Verle Bruce Clouse, SSgt, Btry. B, 317th FA. BN., Lot 98
Claude K. Covert, 1916-1979, SI, Navy, Lot 14
Robert C. Deacon, 1921-1973, Sgt, Army Air Forces, Lot 73
Melvin W. Demott, 1919-1967, Sgt, 557 Trans. Co. SS-BSM & OLC., Lot 77 ----[Also served in Korean War]
Andrew Federoka, 1916-1977, Pfc., Army, Lot 37
Marvin R. Friend, 1922-1960, Pfc. Co. B, 117th Inf. Regt. BSM-PH, Lot 92
Harold S. Hawkins, 1915-1972, MMI, Navy, Lot 75
Hersel G. Herrick, 1923-1970, WT2, Navy, Lot 24
John F. Humbal, 1922-1981, Tec. 5, Army, Lot 50
Manley D. La Fleur, 1919-1944, Pfc, Cavalry, Army, Lot 69
Oliver La Fleur, 1910-1972, MSgt, Army, Lot 69
Thomas B. Long, Captain, Army Air Corps, June 17, 1917 - Oct. 10, 1991
Dwight Marshall London, Navy
James A. Marshall, 1925-1954, Coast Guard, Lot 52
Earl David Mauch, 1892-1980, ACM 2nd Class, Navy, Lot 116
Braught O. Middleton, 1914-1982, Pfc, Army, Lot 62
Kenneth E. Pelkey, 1908-1974, Cox, Navy, Lot 74
Wayne E. Reigier, 1916-1965, SSgt, 135th Ord. Med. Maint. Co., Lot 19
William James Smith, 1914-1972, Tec. 4, Co. A., 24th Tank Bn., Lot 62
Delos O. Todd, 1925-1975, SI, Navy, Destroyer Escort ship, Lot 68
Joseph F. Wojewoddzic, 1918-1981, TSgt, Army, Lot 12
Harry F. Wood, 1916-1982, Pfc., Army, Lot 22
James Tyson, 1864-1941, Lot 1
Samuel Tyson, 1894-1953, Lot 1
Melvin R. Whitford, 1921-1973, Sgt, Army
Hallan G. Wirebaugh, 1901-1979, Pvt., Army, Lot 90


Dwight Gerald London, Army
Luther C. Pratt, 1931-1974, Pvt, Army, Lot 58


Ronald Dean London, Army

UNIDENTIFIED (Unable to identify which conflicts these individuals participated in from available information):

George Antko, 1883-1930, Lot 116
Richard D. Berch, 1941-1972, Lot 17
Jonathan E. Boger
Henry Busch, -1969, Lot 117
George Chisley, -1983, Lot 116
George Costello, Lot 80
Norman Ferguson, -1978, Navy, Lot 24
Harvey Ford, 1923-1974, Pvt. Btry. C, 9th FA-BN, Lot 110
Jack Furey, Lot 26
Stanley E. Regier, -1985, Army, Lot 39
Clyde Scriver, 1903-1963, Lot 49
Ralph Seymore Hall, 1900-1975, Pfc. U.S. Marine Corps, Lot 94
Clarence R. Kimberly, 1918, Mess Sgrt, 47th Inf., 4th Div.
George H. Minche, 1867-1952, Co. F., 6th Reg. Inf.
Ernest Schwerin, 1909-1980, Marines, Lot 4
Edward White

The above material submitted by Ronald J. Sortor. Thanks Ron.

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